NIAGADS Data Discovery Portal (via Gen3)

Explore available data and cohort summaries for the ADSP dataset with the Gen3-powered Data Discovery Portal!

The Data Discovery Portal offers intuitive data discovery for researchers with its user-friendly interface and powerful features enabling researchers to efficiently uncover the availability of data types in the ADSP.

Use Cases

Approved to access the ADSP dataset (ng00067)?

Approved users of the ADSP dataset can apply various phenotype, filetype, and datatype filters to explore available data and quickly generate subject cohorts based on research parameters.

Don’t have approval and want to explore the dataset?

New users can authenticate using credentials or an eRA Commons ID (without an active DAR) to view summary-level information about pheno- and genotypic data. Users authenticating with either method will not be able to view any individual-level phenotype or file information, nor will they be able to download file manifests containing s3 file paths. This feature can help users discover the availability of data before they apply for access.

User Documentation

For detailed guidance on using the Gen3 platform, refer to our user documentation.

Future Releases

Future releases will feature expanded data availability and functionality. Additional functionality will include direct download of genomic data files and workspace functionality featuring environments for popular scripting languages such as Python and R.

Ready to dive into ADSP data?

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