Correlation of plasma and neuroimaging biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease

Blood-based phosphorylated tau (Ptau) 181 and 217 biomarkers are sensitive and specific for Alzheimer’s disease. In this racial/ethnically diverse cohort study, participants were classified as biomarker positive (Ptau+) or negative (Ptau-) based on Ptau 181 and 217 concentrations and as cognitively impaired (Sym) or unimpaired (Asym). The four groups, Ptau-/Asym, Ptau+/Asym, Ptau-/Sym, and Ptau+/Sym, differed by age, APOE-4 allele frequency, total tau, neurofilament light chain, and cortical thickness measured by MRI. Our results add to increasing evidence that plasma Ptau 181 and 217 concentrations are valid Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers in diverse populations.