Linkage analyses in Caribbean Hispanic families identify novel loci associated with familial late-onset Alzheimer’s disease

INTRODUCTION: We performed linkage analyses in Caribbean Hispanic families with multiple late-onset Alzheimer’s disease (LOAD) cases to identify regions that may contain disease causative variants.
METHODS: We selected 67 LOAD families to perform genome-wide linkage scan. Analysis of the linked regions was repeated using the entire sample of 282 families. Validated chromosomal regions were analyzed using joint linkage and association.
RESULTS: We identified 26 regions linked to LOAD (HLOD ≥3.6). We validated 13 of the regions (HLOD ≥2.5) using the entire family sample. The strongest signal was at 11q12.3 (rs2232932: HLODmax = 4.7, Pjoint = 6.6 × 10(-6)), a locus located ∼2 Mb upstream of the membrane-spanning 4A gene cluster. We additionally identified a locus at 7p14.3 (rs10255835: HLODmax = 4.9, Pjoint = 1.2 × 10(-5)), a region harboring genes associated with the nervous system (GARS, GHRHR, and NEUROD6).
DISCUSSION: Future sequencing efforts should focus on these regions because they may harbor familial LOAD causative mutations.