Phenotypic Heterogeneity among GBA p.R202X Carriers in Lewy Body Spectrum Disorders

We describe the clinical and neuropathologic features of patients with Lewy body spectrum disorder (LBSD) carrying a nonsense variant, c.604C>T; p.R202X, in the glucocerebrosidase 1 (GBA) gene. While this GBA variant is causative for Gaucher’s disease, the pathogenic role of this mutation in LBSD is unclear. Detailed neuropathologic evaluation was performed for one index case and a structured literature review of other GBA p.R202X carriers was conducted. Through the systematic literature search, we identified three additional reported subjects carrying the same GBA mutation, including one Parkinson’s disease (PD) patient with early disease onset, one case with neuropathologically-verified LBSD, and one unaffected relative of a Gaucher’s disease patient. Among the affected subjects carrying the GBA p.R202X, all males were diagnosed with Lewy body dementia, while the two females presented as PD. The clinical penetrance of GBA p.R202X in LBSD patients and families argues strongly for a pathogenic role for this variant, although presenting with a striking phenotypic heterogeneity of clinical and pathological features.